“I created different worlds within them by setting up relationships…The worlds suggested intertwining of personal and collective histories” (Siopis, 2014).

Zombie (2000) is a domestic diorama that was first created for the artist’s solo exhibition at the Gallery in the Round as part of Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Makhanda. As a three room reconstruction of a pretend home, incorporating a child’s and parents’ bedrooms and a living room, the installation is reminiscent of a theatrical set permeated with a sense of unease caused by either a past or an impending catastrophe. It reflects on the artist’s childhood play and imagining as carriers of desire and anxiety, a sense of immanent and continuous collapse of fantasy of order. The stories told by Siopis’s mother and grandmother merge with artist’s own imaginings. While a sense of self is being questioned, an artistic process is exposed, rendering the artist intentionally vulnerable, fragile and affording the same opportunity to the viewers.