“I have bequeathed these objects to individuals all over the world. They will be parcelled up and sent to their beneficiaries. The corpus will dissolve and the fragments disperse. They will be shot into a new world…The question might arise again: are they art or are they trash?Are they relics? The remains of somebody’s life? … The giving itself reflects a dynamic of human relating that in my mind becomes part of the installation” (Siopis, 2014).

Started in 1997, Will is an installation that encompasses the objects that the artist has singled out from her vast collection and bequeathed to individuals around the globe. An autobiographical project, this particular collection also functions as an archive and inventory of both personal and collective history. The work comments on the lives and perceptions of objects that could function both as art and heirloom, representing different values for those who possessed them before the artist and those who will own them in the future.The installation presupposes an end through its own fragmentation. It will continue living as a memory; at the same time the objects will acquire new meanings in the future, that have the potential to continue to evolve forever.