Sympathetic Magic

“They’re endless these bits of relationships between things and objects and spaces...You literally walk into the work in a way that makes it difficult to see where the installation begins and ends and where you stand as a spectator. Sometimes you’re right in the things. Sometimes they just spill out at you” (Siopis,2014).

Staged at the Gertrude Posel Gallery, University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, this sprawling work brought together a number of installations making use of objects that had passed through different owners and migrated between Siopis’s home, her studio and her projects. Endless relationships established between the objects and with the space were meant to dislocate the spectator and to destabilize the perceived boundaries between objects and viewers. The transformations of objects as they pass through peoples’ hands and the living materiality of their being was all highlighted in the artist’s process that blurred the boundaries between material and emotional worlds.