Penny Siopis: RED (2009)

Penny Siopis: RED


The catalogue accompanies the exhibition “Red: The Iconography of Colour in the work of Penny Siopis” curated by Brenton Maart at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban in 2009 and includes a contribution by the curator as well as the essay “When the Heart Beats, It’s Pumping Blood” written in response to the exhibition by Peter Machen. The catalogue offers insights into the conceptual role colour plays in various bodies of work by the artist from her cake and history paintings, her video work My Lovely Day (1997) to more recent Pinky Pinky series (2002-) and her Shame (2002) and Blush (2005) works. The artist’s voice is set in conversation with that of Machen and other authors and interviewers who wrote about her work.