Charmed Lives

"The method for constructing the installations is similar to making a painting. It’s contingent, but there’s a logic to the way the objects are arranged - something that emerges through the making" (Siopis 2014)

Charmed Lives was an installation project created for the Liberated Voices exhibition at New York’s Museum for African Art in 1999. It became the prototype for a number of others that followed.  It is the accumulation and migration of objects that get left behind or inhabit different spaces in the studio, in storage, in the artist’s home or within a particular site. They are imbued with emotions that the artist and the viewers bestow on them revealing different layers in the palimpsest of memories from personal to social and art historical.  The tension between the materiality of these objects and the conceptual and emotive process involved in making meaning with them, is not meant to be resolved but continues to provide a generative force in Siopis’s work.